Video Endoscopy of Gears

The visual inspection of machine components, that are otherwise not visible from the outside, using endoscopy is a quick, economical and precise method of system component condition monitoring.

Video endoscopy provides a concrete statement about the condition of, for example, gears, roller bearings and gear teeth, that would not be possible without time-consuming partial disassembly.

So it is for example possible to examine planetary gears for damage to the planetary bearings or wheels. There is no long operational disruption due to gear examinations when we carry out the endoscopy during the oil change.

After the gear inspection we give you the results of the gear endoscopy in the shape of precise findings or expert report. These include illustrated descriptions of the condition of the endoscoped gears and a recommendation for action.

We will be pleased to draw up an offer specially tailored to your business needs.

This is what we understand by “one-source solutions”.